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We are currently a waiting family on our journey to becoming parents. This blog was started in hopes of keeping all our friends and family up to date on all things adoption. It has become that as well as a place for me to share our feelings and/or frustrations and a way for us to let off some steam every once in a while! Thank you all for your love and support!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Almost there!!!!!

Hi all!  We have been crazy busy getting everything done for our homestudy.  We have been reading and working on our training requirements.  We have been gathering photos and trying to get ready for our final visit.  We just attended our transracial/transcultural meeting on Monday.  It was very informative and very  helpful in our desicion to be open to building a transracial family!  We are very excited to have our final home visit this coming Monday! So, we will be busy getting our house ready for the social workers visit!  We will then be focused on finishing our educatuion requirements and getting all of our profile completed!  This journey has really taught us a lot about ourselves and the people around us!  We knew we were a strong couple with wonderful family and friends, but this process has certainly drilled that home for us.  We are so anxious to bring home our child.  We know that it will continue to challenge our patience but we believe that God will bring our family together. 
I know that sometimes my posts are far apart, but I promise we will keep you all updated on what is happening in our journey.  Thank you for following our blog, thank you for all of your support!