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We are currently a waiting family on our journey to becoming parents. This blog was started in hopes of keeping all our friends and family up to date on all things adoption. It has become that as well as a place for me to share our feelings and/or frustrations and a way for us to let off some steam every once in a while! Thank you all for your love and support!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Here we go....Beginning our Home Study

It is so crazy because I feel like we have been on this journey for such a long time already and we have barely started.  We had our first required meeting for the home study on Sept. 12th.  It was a 3 hour meeting that walked us through the entire process.  It was a group meeting so there were about 6 other couples at this meeting.  We went home with so much information.  We came home with a 3 ring binder filled with information to take us through every step of the way!  This week, we will have our first meeting with our caseworker!  We are extremely excited for this step.  It makes it feel like we are finally getting somewhere!  Everyday feels like a week and every week feels like a month.  It is insane how slow time can feel sometimes.
We have been keeping busy with work and getting all our information together for the homestudy.  Recent events have helped give us a jump start, created excitement and tested us.  But, we have remained focused on what needs to be done.  We have remained grounded and continue to trust that what is suppose to be, will be.  God knows where and when our baby will arrive and we have to continue to remember that even when it gets tough.  It also helps that we are always here for each other and we have amazing family and friends that have jumped to our side to help us with whatever seems to happen!
We need to get working on our profile, so we are gonna set up a few photo sessions with a friend of ours!  We also have to start working on all the info that will be written in our profile!  The profile seems to be the scariest part.  We don't want to screw it up, this may be what helps us get chosen.  Of course the caseworker will help us with what we write but I just want to be 100% sure that it gets across how much love we have to offer a baby!  They have also given us many suggestions on how to market ourselves and find our own birthmother.  So, we will definitely be working on those things as well.  We have so many family and friends that can keep an ear open and maybe someone will know someone that knows someone and so on.  The more contacts we make with a birthmother the better!  We certainly have enough to keep us busy, but at the same time we need to take time to relax.  If we go go go without a break, we will go crazy!  It is hard for me, I feel like there is always something to do and I can't let it sit.  This seems to be the one time that I am not procrastinating.  Who would have thought...
Rick set up the garage sale again and made a little more money for the adoption fund!  We still have plenty of stuff to try to sell, so we will probably set up once or twice more.  So....thank you again to everyone that had donated items to the garage sale.
I will continue to keep you all posted!!!!